A Rose For Sharon

The Website for the Sharon Fisher Bassett Memorial Fund

Mission Statement

WE WILL work to encourage, enlighten, enrich and empower all women;

WE WILL help all women recognize their talents, values, beliefs, uniqueness and perceptions of self;

WE WILL help all women achieve their passions, dreams, goals and desires in life;

WE WILL work to breakdown, reduce and hopefully eliminate domestic violence, sexual abuse, related eating disorders, gender bias, gender inequality, gender discrimination, gendered media, cultural stereotyping of women of different races, and sexism in the workplace;

WE WILL work to accomplish these goals by uniting, informing, educating, enlightening, transforming and helping all women to define their roles and change public policy;

WE WILL help any woman become an enlightened entrepreneur and realize her destiny;

WE WILL serve as a conduit and channel information through our magazines, workshops, conferences, presentations, projects, community education awareness programs, website (aroseforsharon.org), The Sharon Fisher Bassett Memorial Fund, a blog talk radio show, and connecting links with local, regional and national women’s organizations.

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